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University of Connecticut School of Engineering Computational Biology Laboratory


Our research has been generously supported through the following research grants:

Current Funding

  • 2/2016 -- 1/2021: Principal Investigator, CAREER: Algorithms for Domain-Level Analysis of Gene Family Evolution. National Science Foundation, USA.
  • 8/2016--8/2019: Principal Investigator, Understanding Horizontal Gene Transfer in Bacteria and Archaea: Units of Transfer and Modes of Integration. National Science Foundation, USA.
  • 8/2016 -- 7/2019: Co-principal Investigator (PI: Ion Mandoiu), Collaborative Research: Algorithmic Techniques for Inferring Transmission Networks from Noisy Sequencing Data. National Science Foundation, USA.
  • 9/2016--8/2019: Principal Investigator, Collaborative Research: Integrating the geological and genomic records: time-calibrating Earth's dynamic biogeochemical history. National Science Foundation, USA.

Previous Funding

  • 8/2013 -- 7/2016: Start-up funds. University of Connecticut, USA.